We’ve got more tasty brew comin’ at your taste buds! Join us Thursday, 5/29, as we welcome 5 Rabbit Cervezeria to Prairie Moon!

If you love 5 Rabbit as much as we do, stop by and chat with representatives from the brewery from 7-9 p.m. We’ll have four of their beers on tap, so you can try them all in a flight of four (5 oz pours), or enjoy a pint of your favorite!

Here’s the draught lineup:

Missionario (6.8% ABV)

Latin culture is a complex stew of native traditions, European colonization and modern history. This wheat beer commemorates the earliest stages of contact between East and West, and those intrepid souls who made the journey to a wild and unknown land, setting up the chain of missions dotting the west coast of the Americas, from Chile to California. This beer starts with a wheat beer base, substantial at 6.8%/vol. Then uses muscat of Alexandria, an ancient grape belonging to a family of “aromatic” grapes that the Greeks brought to Egypt. These were known to grow in misson gardens, and are still used in Southern Europe for sweet or dessert wines. They have a perfumy, aromatic quality that punches through the wheat and malt flavors. Beyond that, this beer is a showcase of all the other things the missions cultivated: figs, oranges, dates, almonds, apples, pears, stonefruit and probably more. This year’s beer will feature a lovely topnote of Aldrich almonds from a small California grower.

Gran Missionario (8.3% ABV)

Gran Wheat Beer. Flaked wheat and oats add a rich creaminess to the base beer. Then muscat of Alexandria, an “aromatic” grape grown at the Spanish missions are added. They have a perfumy, spicy quality that punches through the wheat and malt flavors. In honor of the many other crops grown in Mission gardens, pears were chosen for this version of Gran Missionario. The beer is creamy, off-dry and fruity in a most complex way, with aromas of flowers and spice. A new hop variety, Hallertau Blanc, adds additional fruity aroma notes, complementing the Belgian yeast strain.

Huitzi (8.5-9% ABV)

A Belgian Strong Golden Ale, brewed with Pilsner and Vienna malt, Glacier hops and Belgian yeast. In addition ginger, chamomile, Thai palm sugar, and local Chicago honey make up the flavor profile and hibiscus flowers give this beer a nice shade of pink. Huitzi is a winter beer that doesn´t wallow in the dark cold days of this season. Like it’s namesake, the Aztec hummingbird god Huitzilopoctli who smashed the winter to allow the sun to return, Huitzi looks forward to the brighter promise of spring.

Ki’Chun (9.5% ABV)

Ki’Chun is a Mayan name meaning “tasty start,” which refers to the new calendar cycle for which this beer was first brewed. Fresh and dried Chanterelle mushrooms bring an ethereal apricot perfume, blending perfectly with the Vienna and melanoidin malts and toasted oats, amplified by the exotic fruitiness of New Zealand Rakau hops. Dark Thai palm sugar lightens the body a bit and makes this 9.5% alc/vol beer dangerously drinkable while a Belgian yeast strain offers further aromatic complexity.


Hope you can make it. Cheers!