Prairie Moon’s Future Plans

In early April a major Evanston construction development was announced.

We want to assure you that Prairie Moon is not leaving Evanston. We are working with the developer to explore options to build a new restaurant at our current location on Sherman Avenue.

Albion Residential has proposed a 16-story, 36,000 square-foot mixed-used building on the west side of Sherman Avenue between Lake and Grove streets.  The mostly residential building will have commercial development on the first floor designed to include one restaurant and other urban retail.

We are currently engaged in positive discussions with Albion to open an updated Prairie Moon or other restaurant concept in the development.

Our plan right now is to open a new concept in Evanston and then open an updated Prairie Moon into the new development.

We opened Prairie Moon in 2002 and can’t imagine it being anywhere but Evanston. One way or another, we intend to stay in Evanston.

A large part of our success comes from the mutual support Prairie Moon and the community have had for one another. Most of our nearly 50 employees are Evanston residents, and we like to think of our restaurant as a community center of sorts. 

On any given day you can walk through Prairie Moon and see all types of our community converging. From bar mitzvahs to community beer tastings, it’s an honor to host so many special memories. We are also incredibly proud to support thousands of charities, groups, churches, events, and fundraisers over the years.

There are many months before construction of the 16-story building would start, and we are actively looking for a space for expansion. In the meantime, we’re open and serving our brand of authentic, American regional cooking and we will continue to be Evanston’s “local”.

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Thank you!

Rob, Tony, Mike and the rest of us at The Moon!

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