Friday The 13th Tapping Event- 7PM

Join us for a very special evening with Odell Brewing, Stem Ciders, and Prairie Moon food pairings. Plus, lots of super superstitious behavior!

Tarot card readings
Good luck games
Food pairings
Mix and match flight Options

Beer and Food pairings include

Stem Coffee Cider – Pulled Pork Slider … 6.95 Slow smoked pork shoulder, apple slaw & coffee BBQ sauce

Odell Rupture – Chicken & Waffle … 7.95 Southern fried chicken breast, chicken country gravy, sriracha honey, waffle

Odell Pyrus & Prunus – Wagu Beef Slider … 7.95 Ground Wagu beef burger, blue cheese, onion marmalade, Belgian beer aioli

Odell 90 Schilling – Braised Brisket … 9.95 Beef brisket braised in red wine, root vegetables, Brussels sprouts, parsnip puree, stock reduction



As part of Prairie Moon’s Magnificent Seven, we are proud to showcase Evanston’s own Temperance Beer Company.

TEMPERANCE Flight (Four 5 oz. Glasses) $12

Temperance “Smittytown Bramble” 6 Glass
English-style amber with juicy raspberries and blackberries 5.5%

Temperance “Greenwood Beach” 6 Pint
Crisp refreshing blonde ale brewed with fresh pineapple 4%

Temperance “The Drop Double IPA” 7 Glass
Strong imperial IPA with tangerine-apricot flavors 9.4%

Temperance “Vanilla Might Meets Right” 7 Glass
Imperial stout with rich malt, roast and Madagascar vanilla 9.3%


Magnificent Seven:

Each day during Chicago Craft Beer Week Prairie Moon releases a rarity and hard-to-get beer.  Get six and your seventh is FREE. Plus you’ll be entered to win a Prairie Moon “Keg Party” with complimentary Mad Mouse Beer.

All week long: Surly Hell pints $4.50.

May 19 – 25 Prairie Moon releases seven rarities and hard-to-get beers daily during Chicago Craft Beer Week. Get six and your seventh is FREE. Plus you’ll be entered to win a Prairie Moon “Keg Party” with complimentary Mad Mouse Beer.

The beers we will release are as follows:

May 19: Three Floyld’s Zombie Dust (Plus Surly Turntable Sessions)
May 20: Great Lakes Tripel Dog Dare
May 21: Firestone Walker Krieky Bones
May 22 Surly Darkness
May 23: Stone & Maine Brewing collaboration: Dayslayer
May 24: Temperance Brewing event: Greenwood Beach, Smittytown Bramble, Drop-Double IPA, Vanilla Might Meets Right
May 25: Goose island  Copper’s Project #1– Barrel-Aged Scotch Ale
All week long: Surly Hell pints $4.50.

THURSDAY, MAY 26, 2016

After the Cubs sweep the Cardinals (series ends May 25), you can come by and raise a glass of truly great beer– even if it does come from the waters of St. Louis!  Schlafly is a great beer and we’re proud to feature it on Thursday, May 26.

You can also get your groove on with DJs Mr D & Teebot starting at 9PM. Chef Matt O’Neill has a fantastically delicious menu to pair up with these beers so come on in and make it a great Thursday night out!

Schlafly Beer
St. Louis, Missouri

Yakima Wheat Ale
5.0% ABV
25 IBU
Schlafly Beer Yakima Wheat Ale is a hoppy wheat beer brewed with American hops from
the Yakima River Valley in Washington State. The blend of wheat and
barley lends a touch of toffee sweetness while the hops contribute the
spiciness of juniper and pepper. Altogether they create a crisp,
refreshing beer with a hoppy bite.

Food Pairing:

Octopus and Melon
octopus tentacles fried in a light rice flour batter / watermelon, olive, and mint salad / feta aioli.


Double Bean Blonde
Blonde Ale
6.3% ABV
25 IBU
Schlafly Beer Double Bean BlondeDarkness and romance lurk beneath the golden exterior of this ale that
combines the prominent flavors and aromas of coffee and the smooth
richness of chocolate. Simple, straightforward malts and hops to keep
the focus on the notable characteristics of the featured ingredients.
After the beer is fermented it rests on cocoa nibs sourced from
Ghana—one of the world’s largest chocolate exporters. In the final
stage of production an addition of a cold coffee toddy made from
filtered water and finely ground beans roasted by St. Louis’ own
Kaldi’s Coffee and sourced directly from the Shiwanda Estate in
Africa’s southeastern Tanzania.

Food Pairing:

Pulled Pork Monte Cristo
house smoke pork shoulder, pickle, and Swiss cheese melted in an egg batter-dipped brioche. Served with fries, yellow BBQ sauce, cherry preserves


Grapefruit IPA
India Pale Ale
5.0% ABV
40 IBU
This a fruit beer- not a fruit-flavored beer- whose wort is mixed with pounds of grapefruit
puree to allow the sugar to ferment out, leaving the tropical aromas
of the fruit. American Chinook, Cascade and Citra hops were selected
for their distinct citrus and floral attributes, add American ale
yeast that brings a layered fullness to the beer, making this
dry-hopped IPA notable for its bold flavor, tart characteristics, and
approachable hoppiness.

Food Pairing:

IPA battered Hearts of Palm Tacos (3)
crispy battered hearts of palm / jicama slaw / arugula / corn tortillas /  spicy Jalapeño aioli.


American IPA
India Pale Ale
7.2% ABV
65 IBU
Schlafly Beer American IPA gets its bold hop flavor from 100% American hops and its
deep gold and full body from pale and crystal malted barley. A blend
of Amarillo, Centennial and Simcoe hop varietals imparts AIPA with
bitterness and prominent aromas of citrus and fruit. Schlafly brewers
select these hops on an annual pilgrimage to the hop farms of Pacific

Food Pairing:

Andouille Hush Puppies
andouille and green onions fried in a cornmeal batter. Served with garlic remoulade.

Join us APRIL 21  as we feature Belgium’s Petrus Sour Beers.

Petrus is all but an average beer. Petrus is a real sour, with roots that date from ages ago, brewed in Belgium according to the finest brewing tradition. Despite its age, it is young at heart!

It is the sour beer reference. Though not for sour people, but for people who don’t care about trends and hypes. People who trust their senses, rely on their own good taste and are eager to explore new boundaries.

Petrus is a slow, unpredictable and wild beer that takes lots of patience. No wonder it is a beer for people who understand the urge to slow down. This beer, aged for 2 years in oak foeders, should be enjoyed sip by sip. Indeed, a real sour… takes time.

Do you dare to take that experiment to the next level?

Simply savoring Petrus is already quite a rewarding experience, but do you dare to start your own blending experiment with the Petrus sour beers? How sour do you want your Petrus blend? Try and taste until you reach your personal level of sour beer perfection.


Petrus Aged Pal
7.3% ABV

Petrus Aged Pale is a 100% beer from our foeders. Michael Jackson, the
beer hunter, chose the name in the late 1990s – and he was the first
to sell this beer in his beer clubs. Today, it is still the reference
for sour beers in the US. Petrus Aged Pale has won multiple gold
medals in beer competitions worldwide. Moreover, ever since the start
of the brewery, the beer has been used as a blending-beer with other
beers to give them fresh, slightly sour flavors and aromas.

Petrus 50/50
7.9% ABV
Petrus 50/50 is a blend of half Petrus Aged Pale and half Petrus Aged Red.
Petrus 50/50 is our brewmasters favorite blend! Normally only
available only in the Sour Power Pack as a limited edition beer but
Prairie Moon got one on tap!!!

Pertus Oud Bruin
5.5% ABV
Petrus Oud Bruin is a blend of 33% Petrus Aged Pale, pure foeder beer
that has been aged for 2 years in oak foeders, and 67% young brown
beer. In this blend, the young dark beer contributes the reddish-brown
color and the Aged Pale contributes the slightly sour flavor. Petrus
Oud Bruin is a typically Flemish red-brown ale as tradition dictates.

Why can’t you borrow money from a leprechaun? Because they’re always a little short.

St. Patrick’s at Prairie Moon is no joke but it is a heck of a O’lot of fun with delicious Irish specials from March 12-St. Patrick’s Day, March 17!

We’re also hosting at TWO BROTHER FLIGHT NIGHT on St. Patrick’s Day!

See below or CLICK HERE for St. Patrick’s Day Special Menu.

North Atlantic salmon, fresh and smoked, folded in a sweet cream chowder with thyme, corn and potato … Cup 4.95 Bowl 6.95

Two house made garlic sausages with mashed potatoes and grainy mustard … 7.95

Hardwood smoked salmon filet with whipped goat-cream cheese with roasted sweet and hot peppers and baguette toasts … 11.95

A traditional New England staple: bribed beef with cabbage braised in Stout, cider vinegar, bacon and brown sugar, served with mashed potatoes … 15.95

Ale battered Cod filet with Boardwalk fries, served with fresh herb tartar sauce & malt vinegar … 15.95

Steel-cut Irish oats & fresh dill-crusted Atlantic salmon, over baby spinach with a citrus-mustard beurre blanc & champ mashed potatoes … 18.95

Grilled sirloin, sliced and finished with an Irish whiskey peppercorn cream sauce, served with mashed potatoes and broccoli … 19.95

Homemade cheesecake with Bailey’s Irish Cream … 5.95

Ireland’s Jameson whiskey shaken with fresh lemon & topped with ginger beer served tall on the rocks … 8


Join us Thursday, March 17 at 5PM as Two Brothers and Prairie Moon offer a special St. Patrick’s Day Flight Night.  Each beer is paired with a dish created by Chef Matt O’Neill.  Enjoy specialty beers and food and win some awesome prizes.

And don’t forget to join us for our St. Patrick’s Day celebration with St. Patrick’s Day specials. 

Two Brother’s flight includes

Monarch, White Beer paired with Pickled Shrimp 
EZ-peel Gulf shrimp in a turmeric-pickle brine with parsley and red onion.

Monarch White Beer, 4.5% ABV, celebrates the anniversary of Jim and Jason’s first brew. This classic Belgian-style white beer is brewed with unmalted wheat, a touch of oats, and then traditionally spiced with coriander and orange peel for a crisp, refreshing taste and spicy aroma.

False Dichotomy, India Pale Lager, paired with Vegetable Samosa 
Crispy samosa filled with steamed root vegetables, peas, onions with cherry-curry chutney and mint pea sauce

False Dichotomy, a Chicago craft brewing collaboration between Two Brothers Brewing Company and Metropolitan Brewing, is out for sale and on tap! Grab yours before they are all snagged up!

Cane and Ebel, Red Rye Ale paired with Grilled Lamb Slider
Grilled lamb patty, braised cabbage, goat cheese, bacon-date jam with red potatoes

Dry, but with a creamy touch of Thai palm sugar and the spicy tang of rye, all balanced by loads of the wackiest new hops we could lay our hands on. Yep, it’s an original. And that’s no sin.

Northwind, Impearial Stout paired with Irish Breakfast
Grilled banger, bacon, baked beans, fried egg, red potatoes, grilled tomato, sourdough toasts
9.1% ABV
Dark delights like this were once shipped to the imperial court of Russia. With a firm, roasty maltiness balanced against a generous helping of hops, Northwind can stand up to the worst its namesake can dish out! Enjoy it by a roaring fire.

Join us for the release of Chicago’s Half-Acre Brewery newest beer, Chocolate Camaro. Chocolate Camaro is coco rich and lactose silk surrounds roasty notes to offer this stout a firm stance. 6% ABV.

Prairie Moon will also feature additional Half Acre beers with options to pair with Chef Matt O’Neill’s dishes created just for these particular Half Acre beers.

Pony Pils – 5.8% ABV
Pony Pilsner is a firm take on the classic German style aimed to quench the masses. German hops and malts are braided together to release the crisp awakening your summer self needs. A very good way to start your tasting experience!
Meatball Slider 
Beef meatball / braised cabbage / mustard remoulade
Taco Day- Pale Ale- 6.5% ABV
If you had it last time we brewed it, you’ll remember some tastefully foreign hop qualities. You’ll again be knocked off balance when hit with the charm of 07270. This experimental varietal of hops is being described in many ways at our brewery. A lot of juicy derivatives, an array of bong driven superlatives and a series of tree and fruit benchmarks. What’s important is that people are digging through their sensory rolodex to find ways to explain new qualities. Hop growers are being pushed by the rabid interest in expanding the profile hops can create. Science and farming collide to twist on you in new ways. Taco Day takes note of the culinary institution that is tacos. You love tacos.
Calamari Tacos
Fried calamari / jalapeño tartar / arugula / pico de gallo
Chocolate Camaro- Milk & Cacao Stout – 6% ABV
Coco richness and lactose silk surround roasty notes to offer this stout a firm stance. Also launching for this event for the first year ever, will be Chocolate Camaro on Nitro!!! So come out and check out what a different type of gas does to the texture of the beer and how it changes your perception of the taste! Have it on Co2 and Nitro and then decide which way is best!
Pork Wings
Mini pork shanks / peanut cocoa bbq sauce / creamed corn


Half Acre Chocolate Camaro at Prairie Moon

December 11 join us at Prairie Moon for an evening of amazing beer from Colorado & North Carolina’s great brewery, Oskar Blues. These beers will pour as long as we’ve got ’em and you have the option to add food pairings from the our Chef Matt O’Neill. Here’s the menu:

Oskar Blues Menu

Candied Bacon BLT paired with
Dales Pale Ale

candied bacon, lettuce, tomato, pulled pork, fried egg, avocado, jalapeño aioli, toasted brioche. Served with a cup of Crunch Berries in ice cold milk.

Chili Fries paired with
Hot Box Old Porter

Texas-style chili over garlic fries with a dollop of Schnicklefritz pub cheese, red onion, pickles, and margarita sour cream

Funyun Slider paired with
Old Chub

4 ounce lamb burger with goat cheese, caramelized onions, BBQ sauce, Funyuns. Served with andouille Mac ‘n cheese.

Donut Bread Pudding paired with
Death by Coconut

donut and buttermilk bread pudding, coconut caramel sauce with applewood smoked bacon, whipped ricotta , toasted coconut.